UM’s Wave 8 reveals new language of content across the region

Wave8Every year UM launches the latest edition of its ground-breaking global research series, Wave. This year we presented our local market studies at a packed-out events in Belgrade, Zagreb and Skopje.

Now in its eighth year, Wave is the longest-running and largest social media tracker in the world, and this year’s Wave 8 – The Language of Content surveyed 50,000 Active Internet Users across 65 countries.

Wave 8 focuses on the phenomenon of ‘Content’; what it is, why we share it, and subsequently how brands can exploit that information to create more meaningful and effective social campaigns.




Click here to view and download local market presentations, and look out for the new Wave9 study end of 2016. In the meantime, please contact us at wave@universalmedia.rs if you would like to ask any specific questions.

For global Wave website with data from other world markets please click here.